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Office of Student Affairs

About Student Affairs

Department of Student Affairs, Peking University, is an administrative function section office under the leadership of the Party Committee of the University, in joint office with People’s Armed Forces Department. The Office is responsible for the ideological and political education, management of behavior norms and providing opportunities for students’ personal development and growth. Under the Department, there are four major divisions, namely, the Office of Educational Publicity, the Office of Management of Student Affairs, General Office, and the Office of National Defense Affairs. Besides, four units perform the relevant functions under the supervision of the Department, Employment Guide Center, Youth Studies Center, Student Financial Aids Center, and Psychological Counseling and Mental Health Center.


Organization Setup and Function Division:

The Office of Educational Publicity

The Office of Educational Publicity is aimed at promoting ideological and political construction of students through the formulation of working plans of ideological and political education, political review on admission, graduation appraisal, assisting the offering courses of ideological and moral cultivation and facilitating student’s party construction. To cultivate student’s patriotism, collectivism and socialism, the Office carries on a wide array of education, from legal education, overview of current situation and policies to admission orientation and graduation. Meanwhile, based on the survey and analysis of ideological and political state, the Office makes research on students’ ideological and political work and on-campus and out of campus publicity. 

The Office of Management of Student Affairs

The Office of Management of Student Affairs serves for the general measurement and evaluation of all students of the University and improving the evaluation system of integrated quality. The Office is in charge of reviewing and awarding excellent students and groups, reviewing and management of scholarships, organizing awarding ceremonies and socializing activities as well as daily activities, student group insurance.

General Office

General Office is responsible for daily administration affairs including document transferring management, archives management, maintenance and updates of the homepage of the Office of Student Affairs as well as the “student management information system of the Office of Student Affairs”. General Office is dedicated to the construction and management of student worker groups and Student Assistant School.

The Office of National Defense Affairs

The Office of National Defense Affairs is responsible for undergraduates’ military training, the teaching of the course of “Military Theory” as well as the nationwide national defense education. The Office is also charged with the recruitment of militia and reservists, compulsory servicemen from on-campus students, the reserve officer selection and training, and other military sports and activities.

The Department of Student Affairs endeavors to enhance a student’s education, enrich students’ academic, social and cultural life and assist them in meeting the challenges and demands of their life.


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