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Office of Educational Administration

The office led by the Chancellor is responsible for the education of undergraduate students of Peking University. The main tasks include: to execute the policies or guidelines of national advanced education; to study the trend and direction of education and teaching both at home and abroad; to focus on the education of highly creative leaders.


The office makes reforming the current teaching system as its first priority, focusing on curriculum construction, emphasizing teaching practice, standardizing management systems and setting up the ground for management team construction.  Besides, the office also promotes the policies set up by the university.  The policy states for each major as strengthening basic courses teaching and broader major courses teaching, gearing teaching to the particular needs of each student and offering teaching on the basis of a variety of  orientations. According to the policy,the office has set itself the following goal: to provide a more general (or more diversified courses) teaching for junior students and more broad major courses for senior students. In order to attain the goal, the office has implemented a teaching system in which courses are organized by each school or department (or by broader majors) instead of by traditional majors. The courses offered include basic courses (so called platform courses), major basic courses, general elective courses, and research courses.Besides, the office is promoting the credit system which is a combination of teaching program and students’ free choice of courses guided by their supervisors. The credit system for free choice of courses (FCC) was set up and has been completed.  The guidelines for FCC for students have been provided.  Students can freely choose all courses offered, including required courses.  The system allows students fully develop their characteristics, specialty, and interests by providing students an environment with more freedom and opportunity to reshape themselves.


The office has 25 staff members. It is areasonable mixer of junior and senior staffs. Among the 25 staff members, 7of them are above 50 years old, 7of them are in the 36-49age rangeand 11of them under 35years old.  24of them have bachelor or more advanced degree (4members are PhD or in PhD program; 13members have master degree or in a master program).It is a team with comprehensively high quality, highly motivated, fostered by strong team work spirit.


The office has seven offices: Office of Teaching Affairs(OTA),Office of Student’s Academic Affairs(OSAA), Office of Evaluation(OE), Office of Textbooks(OT), Office of the National Base for Students Training of Fundamental Disciplines(ONB),Office of Admission(OA), and General Office (GO).  The office also manages Centerof Examination and Center of  Textbooks. The responsibilities for each office are stated as below:


OTA is responsible for proposals for teaching reform, curriculum construction, major construction, teaching plan, research funding for undergraduates, teaching assistant audit and evaluation.


OSAA is responsible for management of teaching operation, course work plan and selection, management of registration, sitting-in course management, test management, recommendation for undergraduate to enter graduate program without taking the entrance test, setting education program abroad, abroad study,diploma and certificate management.


OE is responsible for auditing and evaluating of teaching quality, organizing teaching evaluation and award activities, selecting and constructing elite courses.


OT is responsible for textbook construction.


ONB is responsible for undergraduate base construction, management, and secretary work for Advanced Science Education Research.


OA is responsible for recruiting undergraduate students.


GO is responsible for general affairs within the department and the teaching information system management.


Center of Examinationis responsible for organizing a variety of tests.


Center of textbooks is responsible for the supplies of textbooks for the whole university.


To contact the OEA, please email jxt@pku.edu.cn <mailto:jxt@pku.edu.cn> or dial (telephone) 86-10-6275-1432 or (fax) 86-10-6275-1433.