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Office of Informatization

The Office of Informatization (OI) of Peking University (PKU) is in charge of the university’s information and communication technologies'  management. OI develops and maintains modern technology infrastructures throughout the university in support of PKU’s vision for excellence in research, teaching, outreach, and lifelong learning.


OI’s divisions work together to support PKU’s use of information and communication technologies. OI reports to the Committee of Informatization, which manages and leads all information and communication  technologies efforts at PKU. 



Functional Divisions:


OI executes the university’s policy and regulation regarding information technological issues. Together with the university’s Committee of Informatization, OI drafts new policies concerning informatizational plans and oversees any related projects.


OI manages the university homepage and provides web hosting services.  Additionally, it oversees all faculty and staff involved with the university’s central computing and communications services.


OI also assists in all external and internal affairs regarding informatization in PKU, and maintains the university’s technology systems and software applications. Further responsibilities include forming long-term informatization plans at PKU.


Divisions under OI: division for legal publishing, division for infrastructure construction and division for online image consulting.



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