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Office of Real Estate Management

Office of Real Estate Management (OREM) is in charge of managing campus real estate in PKU. The duties of OREM include: public houses allocation and management, faculty staff housing services and apartment management, campus housing system reform, housing reform related houses distribution, campus real estate property right management, civil air defence fortifications maintenance, and so on. OREM serves for optimizing school real estate assets allocation and application, safe guarding school assets integration, and ensuring value of school assets. OREM serves the development of teaching, research and every other undertakings of the school.

OREM consists of general affairs office, public houses and cadastral management office (civil air defense office), housing management office (faculty staff apartment management and service center), housing system reform office.


For more information or services:

Please Contact:

Xuesong Yin, deputy director of OREM.


Room 5101, Hongwu Building

Peking University

Beijing, China

+86-10-62759811 (phone)

+86-10-62751594 (fax)


Mail Code: 100871

Email Address: yinxuesong@pku.edu.cn