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Office of Science and Technology Development

The Office of Science and Technology Development of Peking University (short for “Office”) was founded in 1984, and registered as a separate business entity in 1985. As the major administrative authority of technological development of Peking University, our Office manages, organizes, and coordinates science and technology development of each unit within Peking University. Our Office collects hi-tech achievements and reviews, signs, registers all kinds of technical contracts. At the same time, our Office expands technical achievements of Peking University and takes over difficult problems of enterprises. Our Office devotes itself to promote the technological collaboration between Peking University and social circles, transform technical achievements into real productivity by combining the advantages of technologies and talents of Peking University with the advantages of local enterprises. Since 1985, the transformation of scientific and technical achievements of Peking University has gained quite grate progress. Our Office expands technical achievements actively and solves social technical demands. Contracts that our Office signs represent Peking University values from the initial RMB 3 million per year amounts to RMB 130 million in 2007, signs more than 1970 contracts in total, money amounts involved exceed RMB 1.52 billion. Relying on the proprietary intellectual property rights of Peking University, our Office brings up many hi-tech enterprises, like Founder Group, WBL Corporation, Pioneer-PKU and Pulead Technology Industry Co., Ltd, etc. The goal of our Office in the future is: on the basis of flexible mechanism that already existed, our Office will further intensify the effort mentioned above, place extra emphasis on transferring the fundamental research achievements that originally gained by Peking University, guide and support step by step, carry out applicative development and research by introducing external resources and realize industrialization. As a technology intermediary agent, our Office will play an important role in deep process of technology transfer and help Peking University make more contributions during national technological innovation and economical construction.



Organization Structuring:


There are four divisions within the Office of Science and Technology Development, they are: 


Division for General Affairs


Division for Technology Transfer


Division for Intellectual Property


Division for Information Management



Functional division:


Division for General Affairs: Coordinate daily administrative affairs, personnel affairs and financial affairs; take charge of sanitation and security in office environments; receive visitors and contact with external personnel; organize and undertake all kinds of conventions; assist Director with inner management and service assurance.


Division for Technology Transfer: organize and promote the research findings; strengthen the communication with local government, commercialization system of research findings and all kinds of enterprises; participate the communication and cooperation activities in various regions, collect technological difficulties and requirements of local enterprises; receive personnel who come to seek technical cooperation; organize and declare all kinds of development plans.


Division for Intellectual Property: reviews, signs all kinds of technical contracts represent Peking University, manage technical contract forms and bidding documents; coordinate technical principal to conduct contract negotiation; participate in consultation, mediation, arbitration and litigation of technical contracts; take charge of qualification, registration and implement the preferential taxation policies in Beijing Technical Market.


Division for Information Management: manage and count the expenditure and information of contracts; follow up the status of scientific research projects and staggered results; provide local government, technological administration section and all kinds of technical websites with the technical achievements information of Peking University; edit “List of Major Scientific and Technical Achievements of Peking University for Project Promotion”, “Yearbook”, brief reports and all kinds of press release, etc; maintain and update the website of our Office.



Contact Person : Lipeng Wang


Tel: 010-62757181


Fax: 010-62751371


E-mail: lipengwang@pku.edu.cn


Add: Room 3110, 3rd Red Building, Peking University, Haidian District, Beijing, China