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Office of University-invested Enterprises Managing Committee

The Office of University-invested Enterprises Managing Committee (the “Office”) of Peking University is an executive branch under the supervision of the University-invested Enterprises Managing Committee of Peking University, and is in charge of the administration and development of university-invested enterprises.  The main responsibilities of the Office include:


1. Assisting senior executive officers of Peking University in setting out directions for the development of university-invested enterprises, and in formulating policies, plans, rules and regulations for managing university-invested enterprises.


2. Arranging, managing, programming, and coordinating university-invested enterprises.


3. Accepting and examining applications from university-invested enterprises regarding important corporate events, including the establishment, re-organization, merger, deregistration, and liquidation of university-invested enterprises, assisting the relevant enterprises with the applications for new university-invested enterprises, and implementing restructuring and reform plans for university-invested enterprises.


4. In charge of state-owned assets registration and administration matters for university-invested enterprises; performing financial and audit supervision over university-invested enterprises; examining financial schedules/accounting records relating to the productions and operations of university-invested enterprises; examining and supervising wholly owned or majority owned or associated enterprises to safeguard the preservation and increment of the value of university-owned assets.


5. Examining and supervising the business activities of university-invested enterprises, including significant investments, equity or debt financing and guarantee.


6. Planning and implementing personnel management for university-invested enterprises, and organizing professional trainings as well as assessment of positional titles for the employees of university-invested enterprises.


7. Connecting and cooperating with financial institutions and securities companies and utilizing available financial tools in the capital market to generate economic benefits for Peking University.

8. Learning about the production and operation processes of university-invested enterprises, assisting in the resolution of practical difficulties of university-invested enterprises, guiding university-invested enterprises in their daily operation and administration in order to increase the overall profits and ensuring the timely distribution of annual profits attributable to Peking University from university-invested enterprises.


Officer of International Relations: Tan Xiaobai
Address: Room 3102, Jun Zhai, Peking University, Beijing, People’s Republic of China
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